American Queen Voyages ceases operations

Nobody can say that they couldn’t see this coming! Except it appears their website is still taking bookings. Must be the same marketing people there as had been at OceanGate?

AQV is a part of the larger Hornblower Group so this may not be over yet?

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Despite the terrible pay, AQV was the funnest job I ever had. It was nice seeing so much of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, making all those locks, and dealing with the daily insanity of the hotel department and the guests.

“American Cruise Line” just built several new boats, didn’t they? American Glory was just in Charlotte Harbor earlier today. Not sure how they make any money with just 100 passengers.

I thought they were owned by Hornblower…maybe not.

Different companies. ACL and AQV are totally different, though both offered US overnight passenger cruising.