Hornbeck exercises options

Four more new builds for a total of twenty now, and retrofits for six of the 200 Class. Here we grow again!



This is good news for everyone in the GoM

Is it me or does anyone else think its silly Hornbeck is only adding 40’ to the 200s? Everything is going bigger and bigger, it won’t be long before the 240s will be to small. The farther offshore rigs are, the more they will want to pack on the boats. Why not keep up with the demand?

Those boats are wide enough to look good at 260’ and putting a DP-2 system on them will make them nice boats. I hear they ride better then the HOS designed boats.

The ride is great, a little small inside but plenty of room in the E/R.

Great news! I’m Just returning from Trinidad aboard a super 200’ now scheduled to be stretched. Exciting times at HOS! The super 200’s are really nice boats but are outdated at 1600gt, DP1 and only 200’. This is a very wise decision to stretch and upgrade the 200’ fleet that was long planned.