Holly Chetta RIP

Hello mariners I am sorry to report that Holly Chetta owner of mariner world central the Uscg License consultant,agent out of new orleans has passed away,
im posting this to alert any mariners if she was handling your packages for the USCG, she was the greatest at what she did she will be missed greatly.

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Horrible news. I just spoke with her two months ago.

She was a godsend to many of us. Is there any info or obituary available?

She will be missed by many. Who else is a comparable alternative?

Hello sir no word yet on sercvice or obituary yet, the caretaker she left in charge of her estate and burial procedures has to go through the lawyers to handle things in accordance with her living will i dont know of anyone else but i have seen some license consultants advertise on linked in, Mrs Chetta handled all of my packages for the USCG before i retired years ago, she was the best at what she did, good luck sir:)

A couple of our staff have had very good experience with Andy Hammond. Used to run the Boston REC and now does consulting on the side: http://marinerhelp.com


Ms. Holly Ann Chetta was the best. I will miss her dearly. Whenever I see a new Cadillac I will say, “God bless, Holly Chetta,”

Yes sir she was the best and she loved her cadillac.