HMS Chiddingfold allision Bahrain

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Britain has the right to defend herself from herself.

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“Mechanical failure”…or failure to mechanically react to failure?

A witness from the US facility on the pier said Chiddingfold had just left the Yard and was apparently “dead-sticking” with tugs.

Chiddingfold (Hunt class) and Bangor (Sandown class) are both minesweepers of GRP construction. Chiddingfold has two 2000 hp CAT diesels on two screws.

In April 2021, Chiddingfold had its first parking “ding” with another MCMV - HMS Penzance…
… also a Sandown-class like Bangor (no prob, guv - we sand that down, we buff that out, good as new!)
… also in Bahrain port!!
Time to re-christen as HMS Ding-ding-fold, I think.
What a #unt (-class MCMV, that is)

“dead-sticking” does not fit with the visible prop-wash


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Berkeley Hunt?

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Where’s the fox??

Nah, HMS Fox was a survey ship, now transformed…

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Berkely Hunt, normally shortened to berk, is Cockney rhyming slang.