Here we go again!

Epic Diving pulling more BS running ads saying they are looking for Americans when in fact they have Mexican officers and seamen on their EPIC DIVER and have no desire or intention to change the status quo. Just more of the same crap that disenfranchises US nationals in favor of foreigners on our own OCS!
[li][/li][li][/li][li][/li][li][/li][li][/li][li][/li][/ul]I’ve said it before…the only way to stop these companies from getting away with these job give aways is to call them on this by writing to the appropriate offices of the Coast Guard and Immigration to let them know that you have applied for the postions posted. If they know there are American seamen available for the jobs, they will not be able to issue the waiver letters to allow these companies like Epic to keep getting away with this!

If you are an out of work mariner looking for a position in the GoM but are not finding a job, you really should fight this because you are the loser here.

I am the “Jones Act Compliance Manager” for the U.S. Vessel Fleet in the Gulf of Mexico. I track foreign vessels operating in the Gulf attempting to ensure their compliance with the “Jones ACT” requirements. If any U.S. Captain or crew is aware of or has observed a Jones Act violation by a foreign vessel operating in the Gulf of Mexico, please send me the particulars. ( I am trying to make a difference but I need your assistance.

On another related matter: I am providing information to the U.S. Coast Guard when a vessel turns off and on their AIS. There are certain circumstances when the AIS is placed in a stby mode temporarily but not for days and weeks at a time. The U.S. Coast Guard enforces the failure of a vessel to display their AIS signal as a SOLAS violation among other violations. There are several cases under investigation at this time by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Lets keep it safe out there!
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It is really sad that companies are using loop holes to take away jobs from people that love what they do . But it is not the first time this has happened.