OSV companies advertising on gcaptain?

This has got to be a first. Harvey and Adriatic advertising on gcaptain? I can’t recall a gom osv company advertising on here before.

Safe to assume these companies may not get the walk-in applicants like they used to, but I am sure they have pallets full of apps.

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Surprisingly enough, when those guys did ‘Now Accepting Applications’ on the Supply and Crewboats group on “facespace” there were incredibly few reposts and comments. I heard Harvey did a MASSIVE layoff at some stage, so people are probably a bit gun shy about them now. And wasn’t Adriatic one of the ones using Compass?

There were a lot of people who said they were leaving the industry and not returning. Seems they’re keeping their word! I’m guessing they’re looking for guys with experience, aka guys who already have some of BS classes the oil field requires so the companies won’t have to pay.

As stated as well, low pay and lack of stability should have people worried. I think they realize all the oil field companies treat you like a number and not a valued member of the company.

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Maybe they need guys with oceans licenses for a Puerto Rico relief contract?

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Just throw money at the CG and they’ll cave, allowing them to keep 6000s on the boat.


Why not? It’s an emergency that was good enough for a Jones Act waiver, the USCG can probably waive the Oceans licenses and stcw too.

Warning sarcasm ahead . Given the huge shortage of qualified American mariners, the USCG can probably grant waivers for some more foreign mariners too. Sarcasm behind.

Heaven forbid that the bayou boat companies might have to pay an extra $50 a day for guys with all the right endorsements.


All kidding aside, I’d be OK if they allowed large OSVs to run aid with 6000 guys. It’s temporary and the aid is much needed.


While I don’t know about the other companies I have some friends at the big orange boat company taking boats to Puerto Rico for relief work.

I saw a news report showing a Chouest boat with a deckload of containers arriving at St. John.

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7 boats from Chouest are doing relief work through Convoy of Hope


curious if they installed a peck n’ hale type system on the deck, and how high can they stack the boxes?

The photo I saw only showed containers one high. It could be that an upper tier had already been unloaded. Without knowing more about their stability characteristics, I doubt that they could go more than two high with heavily loaded containers.

i concur. however in this situation where waivers run rampant, i’m sure stability letters can get a waiver?

The Roger White had single boxes and nothing over the headache rack, the other boats have supplies and loaded trucks to be delivered to various islands that were hard hit, mostly food, water, fuel and clothes

Different vessel but three high living quarters

Thanks for the share. Great job.

Different designs but they can all be loaded more than two high I would guess. Would definitely depend on the box weight and below deck tonnage of course.

brad d

HOS had to install water wings on the Riverbend to make that work though most 300’s and 310’s can take 2 high easily.


Briarwood has modules 3 high without water wings so it’s definitely doable if the weight is within the margins.

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