HELP IN DOUBLE MAJORING AT SUNY MARITIME and getting in?thankyou soo much

[B]Um i have a g.p.a of a 3.0 now and im going into my last year english and literature has drop me significantly from the past 2 years will this ruin my chances?? …and i think i could pull off a 1500/1400 or more on the test any tips for the the SAT??as well TYSM… but im aming for 2000 … I even went there recently on a cadet trip from the bahamas… and i had a great experience… i have the application form and i’ve started to fill it out can you please share any tip on how to write a personal essay…of course i know how to fill out the form"lol"…but what advice will you give me as an international student pertaining to getting accepted??YOUR HELP WILL BE GREAT APPRECIATED!!!;);)[/B]

[B]:p:DI want to double major in marine transportation and marine operations …??[/B]
[B]I want to do it in at least 4 years like i would do in a single major another year wont be that bad …will it cost more for tuition?? How can i get funding CREDIT CARD/LOAN if scholarship unavailable… ? yea i know books will of course cost a little bit more…[/B]
[B]What may be the benefits of doing a double major in the maritime field??[/B]
[B]I’m in grade 11 going on to grade 12 and i have a solid foundation of the maritime field…expecially in Naivgation…[/B]
[B]Will i get two degrees at the end…?What advice will you give to me to sucessfully complete my double major??[/B]
[B]BASICLY… i want to know the ADVANTAGE and DISADVANTAGES of a double major in suny maritime college…and what advice will you give me or ANY other person doing the exact same thing or related to what i’m about to do???:confused::cool:[/B]