Help for a list of offshore companies in texas

Looking for entry level Wiper / OS / Deckhand Position. I currently live in Katy TX and having trouble finding companies around here, I know there are a lot in louisiana was just wondering if anyone could send me some info for ones located in texas?

Boat Service of Galveston, Southern States Offshore, and maybe Texas Crewboats.

Ryan Marine Services in Galveston.

Texas Crewboats has merged into Sea Tran. Still have an office in Freeport, but all crew change, hiring, etc. is happening in Amelia, La now

Muchowich for crewboats and skaugen petrotrans for lightering support vessels, both out of texas.

Is Skaugen still a company?

I reckon they go by “spt” for the most part. probably gave a few boats for lightering support like AET?

[QUOTE=coldduck;146467]Is Skaugen still a company?[/QUOTE]

I know they have two boats out of San Diego. They used to be in LA/LB.

T&T out of galveston.