Helge Ingstad - Why did it sink?

It seems kick-out or escape panels in doors on ships is a United Kingdom Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA) requirement, e.g.:

MCA Guidance

G1 Escape panels in doors

G1.1 It is generally considered that escape panels in ‘B’ Class doors are unnecessary. However they may be fitted if an owner requires them. In such cases the panels should be constructed in accordance with any details shown on the approved drawings, provided they do not exceed 410mm x 410mm in size. A ventilation opening, when fitted, should be incorporated in the escape panel. Where no details of an escape panel are given the door manufacturer should be requested to submit details of the construction to MCA Headquarters for consideration before use.

G1.2 Escape panels should only be capable of being operated from that side of the door from which a person needs to escape and should be of such a design as to preserve the integrity and insulation standard of the door and prevent any unlawful entry into a space.

G1.3 Escape panels should be marked with the words ‘ESCAPE PANEL - KICK OUT’ in white letters on a green background;


Only idiots like the Norwegian Royal Navy and similar fit one way escape panel – kick out at owner’s option in ships anyway. It is a pity that safety at sea – my business – is in the hands of incompetent landlubbers. I describe another example at http://heiwaco.com/news811.htm

Turns out it wasn’t the Russian national rules that I first suspected to require kick-out panels, but the RMRS class rules:

Doors of accommodation spaces … shall have in their lower portions detachable panels 0.4 x 0.5 m in size, the panels of the passenger cabin doors shall be provided with the following inscription: “Means of escape - knock out in case of emergency”.

It’s not a watertight door. The room is clearly a hospital or triage room.

This is a watertight door onboard.

Fridtjof Nansen class was built in Spain based on the Álvaro de Bazán class just as the Hobart class. So I would not be surprised if the Hobart class has the same internal doors.

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