Head Of Vineyard Wind Project Compares US Cabotage Laws To ‘Soviet Central Planning’


You had to know they were going to go after Jones Act with offshore wind. Will get interesting if Jones Act exemption requests start to be filed.

As soon as I saw “Spanish-owned” I had to click on it and sure enough “Avangrid, a subsidiary of the Spanish company Iberdrola”.

They own Central Maine Power here in Maine. Last winter they over-billed a lot of people when they switched billing systems and refused to fix it till forced.

Connecticut-based energy giant Avangrid, which wants to purchase PNM Resources for $4.3 billion, has faced multiple actions by regulators against utilities it owns in three Northeastern states for poor customer service and failure to adequately protect its electric grids during storms.

We hardly ever used to lose power here but last winter we did serval times for long periods.

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now I get to add MOTHER FUCKING BITCH to this thread!


Well of course she would want to exempt cruise lines. She was number 2 in cruise line bribes also known as “campaign contributions”

Typical banana republic BS


I love Alaska, but Alaska is always first in line for federal handouts and special treatment. Without it, Alaska would be the poorest state in the union.

This anti-Jones Act camel’s nose under the edge of the tent needs to be chopped off immediately, before the entire critter eats the entire Jones Act trade.

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Appalachia by the sea. Where everyone is on welfare yet claims to be self-sufficient and independent. The last frontiersmen … it would be funny if it were not so disgusting.

“Soviet Central Planning.” Vineyard Wind should have all of its permits and subsidies slow walked until they get rid of this anti-Jones Act whiner.

Maine was smart to put a 10 year moratorium on offshore wind. That gives offshore wind time to become Americanized and New Englandized.

The last thing New England needs is to be overrun by a bunch of offshore boats from Louisiana. They would be more foreign and less welcome than boats from Europe.

Chouest cannot buy his way into New England as easily as he did into Alaska. The politicians in New England are a lot more expensive than Don Young and Lisa Murkowsky.