Having a hard time getting information on my situation. Please help!

I served 4 years in the Coast Guard as a Radarman, which directly qualifies me for a deck MMD. I just completed my 100 ton Master and 200 ton Mate but need 90 days of sea time because it’s been over 3 years. I also hold a 4 year degree, B.S. in Finance, from California Polytechnic Univ. and it is on the accredited list of universities with the Coast Guard. Now, a guy I met a few days ago informed me that I qualify for some accelerated program for 3rd unlimited, I’m assuming in the form of OCS for a military branch, at the maritime academies. He didn’t have details and gave me his email but he hasn’t responded. Does anyone here know about such a program? I can’t find any solid info on this at all online. All your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I’m not sure what “accelerated program” you’re referring to, at least for 3rd Mate. For 3rd Mate there are academies, and there is the “hawsepipe.” The hawsepipe requires 3 years of sea time for the license, and training and assessment for the STCW.

It’s possible what he was referring to is are non-academy programs for mate 500 and mate 1600. The license is for lesser tonnage, but the STCW requirements are the same. There are programs for this that are about two years in length at Pacific Maritime Institute and Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies. There is also a 4-year degree program at Maine Maritime Academy that is not part of their military cadet regiment, and a 2-year program at SUNY Maritime College that is. All of these programs take a somewhat accelerated path to the mate 500/1600 license and STCW.

I don’t think your Cal Poly degree will make a difference. The only non-academy degrees that are credited towards a re a licenbse are ABET accredited engineering degrees towards engineer licenses.