Havila Group

Havila Group and Per Sævik may not be household names in the US, but it’s offshore vessels are regularly operating in US waters and around the world.

The founder of the group, Per Sævik, may not be well know outside Norway either, but he is turning 80 year old today and his life history is well worth to be remembered.

He started his career as a fisherman at the tender age of 12 and became skipper on his family’s fishing boat at 23.
He went into the offshore business in 1980 and today own and operate a worldwide fleet of top modern offshore vessels, as well as Havyard Shipyard that build both offshore vessels, ferries and ice breakers. Havila is major share holder in Fjord1, the largest ferry owner/operator in Norway and will soon have 4 ships operating in the Coastal Express along the Norwegian coast. They are also owners of hotels and other travel and leisure facilities.

Is he sitting back and enjoying the fruits of his labour over the last 68 year? If you think so you don’t know Per Sævik. He is still active at the office every day, although he has handed the day-to-day running of the companies to his son and his long term employees, of which there are many:

No he doesn’t live in a large mansion, or drive a flashy car and fly first class, nor does he have a mega yacht in Monaco (or anywhere else) He is just Per, a down to earth fishing skipper that know and understand how it is to be out at sea.

From an interview recently:

The history of Havila Shipping:

(The texted pictures below the main story also describe the history of Per Sævik)
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