Has anyone heard of 10ure?

Started looking for work this week, been on the beach since June. Couldn’t sail the rig down to South America and wont be going back. Started googling Maritime Jobs and these guys popped up, 10ure!

Seems legit and i’ve applied to 3 jobs. I check daily for vacancies

Has anyone else downloaded their app?

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Never heard of them. They don’t even appear on a Google search until you put the word “maritime” with it. They say “Made for Mariners, By Mariners” but they list Sea Time in hours, the name 10ure (Tenure) isn’t really a common maritime term, and two of the three photos on their website are of row boats and a wooden sailboat.

It looks like it is very new, and seems like an interesting concept, but to me it they have some work to do if they want to attract mariners.

They must have 20 years of yacht experience. Definitely not professional mariners.


I’m actually excited that someone has actually built something for the Merchant Mariner. The only bit of technology is always around Freight, Trucking, Bill of Ladens or some obscrue means to pinch every single penny.

I emailed these guys hoping they would answer some more questions I had. I will post when I hear back