Has anyone been to Houston Marine for celestial class

I was hoing for insite to Houston Marine celestial class, mainly what is in Module 207 Nav general. I have been studing all the Nav problems at home and feel pretty good but dont know anything about the nav general part. Please share your insight and any comments that might help me through this tough class

Well…not for Celestial, but I will say this: Houston is one of the pricier schools in the country. I took two classes there a while ago and found myself feeling thoroughly frustrated, not because of the complexity of the material, but the apathy of the instructor. A school is only as good as the guy/gal in front of the class. The teacher I had was very knowledgeable and had tons of experience. However, he rarely stood up or even poked his head out from behind his computers. Eighty percent of the class consisted of him sitting down and reading directly from the book from a hidden corner of the room. He consistently gave us over an hour to do exercises that took minutes if not seconds to accomplish leaving the HUGE gaps throughout the day with literally nothing to do while he played on his laptop. I go to school because, yes, we are required to stay current with STCW etc…, but if I’m there I want to learn, I want to be engaged and ultimately become a better mariner. So…unfortunately, based on my limited experience there, I cannot recommend the school as a whole… My hope would be that the Celestial teacher is a bit more dynamic and engaged in his/her student’s learning. It can be a tough course if you’re not familiar with the concepts so the instructor needs to be on point and enthusiastic about engaging with you no matter your learning style. Don’t mean to be a grump, but your money time away from the ship is too valuable. Hope others can shed some more course specific light. Good luck!