Harvey Gulf out of the woods?


No Harvey Gulf is a scam. If you do a little research you’ll see that they are just switching money from the left pocket to the right pocket in the same pair of pants. Look at their financial statements for goodness sakes and then look at their income. It is bankruptcy doublespeak. The debt is so high they’ll never repay. They are toast but looking for fools to invest in a corpse. The only winner is Guidry and his silent partners

But will the company ever really go away?

As presently structured? Yes. There is a certain amount of moral hazard associated with Harvey. The investors are just trying to get a few pennies on the dollar out of their bad investment at this point.
Had Harvey existed forty years ago Harvey would have been Chapter 7 and liquidated a long time ago. But the financial police, SEC among others were defunded so there is essentially no oversight.

Wow what a terrible company. We should take away these ships and jobs right away before someone gets hurt!!!

What financial statements and income are you talking about?? Not defending their management or their financials at all, but I believe you are talking out of your ass.


Nope. I reviewed the bankruptcy filings from 2018. HG’s business model is a self licking ice cream cone.