Harley companies

Anyone work for any harley companies? They advertise for openings agressively. I know some folks that work for them in long beach and some of their positions are ibu. Curious about their other locations. Not much came up on the search function. Any info?

It just like anywhere else and depending on what you want to do. LA/LB I hear people bitch about it that they don’t pay enough and the work you much but that has to be the best paid two companies that Harley has. Olympic is ok too if you work they keep you busy and they have steady runs to give you a schedule. But Harley will send you every where if they need you so if you don’t mind working 8 months + a year it’s just like any where else.

Starlight Marine Services is SIU in SF Bay and Puget Sound. Has both one week and two week schedules.