Happy New Year 2019


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We have entered the year 2019 in traditional (Dutch) fashion here in Aalesund, Norway:

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here’s a dime to call someone who cares


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You obviously haven’t changed much during the holiday. Still the same grumpy old fart.

BTW; Telephone calls are available for free and cash money is obsolete in Norway these days, so here is your 10 cent in return:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (If you still remember how it is to be happy, that is??)

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BAH! I wished you were that old fool drifting out there in that barrel but even if you were I am sure you’d still be posting on here just to keep your record of irritating us unbroken

Are you speaking in third person now??

Happy New Year to everyone and as an early Christmas present for 2019 am happy to close this thread.