Happy ending

It’s not always easy to keep a boss happy in a mom and pop operation but sometimes you get lucky.
Once upon a time in Florida, I was running a 49 pax dive boat. The owner like boats but he liked money more. Business was spotty so I suggested that we run sunset cruises for tourists.
We knew we could make money selling sodas and water but the real money maker would be the beer and wine.
Long story short, we were denied a license to sell alcohol. So we set the price of the cruise from something like 10 dollars to 30 dollars and advertised free sodas, waters and beer or wine.
We bought beer in quantity so it cost us 50 cents per can.
Business boomed and to my knowledge, not a single passenger ever drank anywhere near 60 cans of beer on our hour and a half cruise.
We could afford to hire small bands, passengers thought they were getting a great deal, word got around, we packed the boat every night and the boss was happy.


Well, that certainly wasn’t the post I was expecting. . . .


Yes, well, the real happy endings were after the cruises were over and the waterfront meet markets filled up but this being a family friendly forum and all…