GROL/Radar/GMDSS maintenance

A number of years ago I held small tonnage licenses (200T/1000T). I also have a GROL with radar endorsement but don’t currently have the GMDSS maintainer certificate. I have a number of years in maintenance of large ship electronics, some shipyard experience and some yacht work under my belt.

Question is- what positions are available for GROL/Radar/GMDSS maintainer types either in deepwater ships or OSV? I do not know what manning requirements are and whether any shipping companies carry people with these types of qualifications in crews. It seems like someone with electronic experience might be carried given the reliance on ECDIS/GPS/ &c.

I have lurked here for some time before joining and have looked at the different sections of the forum without finding much specifically relating to what I am asking. My impression is that if one wanted to stay on US flagged ships then MSC might be one alternative. Aside from that what kind of chances/obstacles might one find in trying to get a berth in foreign flagged ships?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



With two GMDSS operators on board and a shore-based maintenance contract, shipowners can satisfy GMDSS carriage requirements. Do you think they would spend any more to have a GMDSS maintainer aboard? No. They might like to have you around, but don’t expect any more money for it. If MSC carries GMDSS maintainers, you might be in luck, but I wouldn’t spend a lot of time looking; I don’t think you’re going to find much.

GMDSS Operator Endorsement is just that… an endorsement that every deck officer on a drillship or MSC ship is required to have. Some MSC ships carry guys with the FCC GMDSS Maintainer license, but it is not a full time job. MSC DOES HOWEVER carry Radio Electronics Technicians on board who’s job is to do radio stuff. Check out the MSC website for more info…