Greetings from Norway

This Saturday the traditional bonfire “Slinningsbålet” will be light to celebrate summer solstice, or “mid-summmer blot”:

The bonfire is almost completed:

Only a few more meters to go to reach “top out” the night before the big event. (the target this year is a modest 32-34 m)
New of the year is that the young bonfire builders received some safety advice from a coulpe of professional instructors:

The bonfire building gang listened carefully as Frode Vike and Tore Voldsund from the STQ Competence Center gave a course on safety. PHOTO: KRISTOFFER ANTONSEN

PS> transmit directly from “Slinningsbålet” on Saturday 21.06:

Nice place to have a concert:

Kygo took Sigrid and a grand piano with him to Trolltunga.
Source: Kygo tok med Sigrid og et flygel til Trolltunga -

Full video from the event:


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Do you need any more persuasion to visit Norway?:

A bit outdated, but generally still valid info:

“The Year in Ålesund” is a locally made documentary that is shown to tourists and locals at the Parken Cultural centre. Here is some pictures from the show:

Gry Kvalsund Madsen

This is the Fisherwoman, who stands in Fosnavåg, and scouts for her husband and his relatives, if they come back from the sea❤🇧🇻👍👍

Front view:


I was reading an article this morning about how the Norwegian Navy is starting to put QR codes on the sides of their ships.

This lets them Scandinavian.

A real Viking;

Photo: Olav Skjegstad / Romsdals Budstikke

The sun has turned and we are heading back to this:

From “A year in Ålesund”.

Another Viking of great renown:

From today:

Real time webcam:

But there are also days and places like this:

The Aurlandsdalen valley is breathtaking, with the extreme wildness of the river carving its way through the landscape, and the fantastic views of the fjord way below. These beautiful mountains are where Eastern Norway meets Western Norway.
Source: Medvind: Hiking the Aurlandsdalen valley - a three-day hike from Finse to Aurlandsdalen - DNT

More specifically, Greetings from Ålesund:

A visit to Geiranger for those who can’t make in person:

See also the “Atlanterhavsveien” (Atlantic Ocean Road) between Molde and Kristiansund:

Or maybe you prefer to see it on a windy day?:

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Lovely. But I suspect the English speaking. narrator is German.

You are right:


Geirangerfjord. Iron leviathans unavoidable but with planning the annoyance can be minimized. [no comments on one tourist castigating an inferior variety of tourists].

Spectacular rainbow seen in Ålesund last night, just before sunset:

Photo: Frode Hellandsvik
Source: Redirecting...

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