Greetings from Norway

Latest development in the search for missing American Julian Montague in Ålesund
From on Monday:

Have found the jacket of missing Julian (23)

The emergency services intensify the search in Gangstøvika after the jacket of missing Julian (23) was found near Gangstøvika:

Divers from the fire service search in Gangstøvika on Monday. PHOTO: MARIUS SIMENSEN

Latest today:
The coast guard ship “Jan Mayen” and the police in cooperation deployed an ROV in the search on Wednesday. It is a remote-controlled underwater vessel that is particularly used at great depths.

  • We are doing this because we will be searching in deeper water than is safe for the divers of the fire service, operations manager Leif Arne Mork in the police tells Sunnmørsposten.
    He says that the search is still in Gangstøvika, under the auspices of the Norwegian Coast Guard and the police.
  • The search is taking place directly below the area where the jacket was found, says Mork.

Source: Har satt inn miniubåt i søket etter savnede Julian (23) - (behind paywall)

The Easter Holiday started this Friday for most here in Norway. Many are heading to the mountains to spend the holiday in their cabins and enjoy some skiing, Nordic style.
Hope they find their cabins:

PS> At least the owner of this one don’t have to worry about shovelling snow off the roof.

Saltstraumen is the strongest maelstrom in the world, reaching 20 kts. at spring tides:

Photo: Jan-Harald Finstad, IG @janfinstad

Source: Saltstraumen - Visit Bodø


An alternative walking route up to Aksla and the lookout point of Rundskue is via Vannspringdalen:

Source: Ålesund - Byen i mitt hjerte! | Facebook
Photo: Bjørnar Berg

The classical question; “should I take a Alaska Cruise, ore a the Norwegian Fjord Cruises”?
The answer is here:

It’s Easter Sunday and everybody is in Church:

Or maybe in their mountain cabin, in Canary isles, or still in bed after a night out on Easter Eve!!


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The good weather is in the north of Norway this Easter
View from Gratangen, Norway:

Source: View from my window | Happy Easter everyone.. | Facebook

Where do you get the best hotdogs in the world?
From this little kiosk from 1911 situated In Tromsø of course:

Photo: Dagfinn Rasmussen, National Antiquities.
Don’t take it from me, here is the opinions from the crowed of customers on a cold spring day:

Video link:

Sunset 5. April:

Photo: Bjørnar Berg

Sorry, not this year.

Here is the sunset as seen from Mt.Aksla in Ålesund tonight:

Photo: Berit Vartdal

Briksdalsbreen Glacier (Part of the Jostedal Glacier, the largest in continental Europe)

30 years difference. On the right, my photo in the summer of 1992, on the left in the summer of 2022.
Text & photo: Petr Majer

Ålesund town as seen when arriving by air.
Seen from the east:

Seen from the west:

Photo: Bjørn Jonson Dale
For those with plenty of time to spend:

It is windy in Ålesund today, with two large cruise ships in town simultaneously (first time this year).
AIDAnova had a hard time lining up to back out of the harbour on departure this afternoon:

Photo: Eva Gjærde Vassbotn

The IONA had an easier time of it when she left in the early evening as she was lined up on arrival:

Photo: Ålesund Havn webcam

PS> IONA and AIDAnova will be back her together several times this summer. (Next on 17.April)

Not a very pleasant day to visit our bonny town.

Iona and AIDAnova in Ålesund 10.04.24 as seen on Smp webkamera, Fjellstua