Greenland is not for sale

Surprise, surprise, the Greenlanders doesn’t want to become Americans!!!:

I wonder why they want to refuse such a great offer??

Denmark is not much interested in selling either:

Send in the Navy on another unwanted mission may be the answer. They MAY need some heavy ice breaker assistance from the USCG though, so that solution will have to wait for a decade or so.


There would be no need to send the U.S. Navy. There’s only 50,000 European wannabes on it. The US could parachute in some boys scouts, high school ROTC cadets or some state national guardsmen to fulfill their 1 weekend a month obligation to take control of that island. If the US starts running short of ice, sand or pale skinned, crooked teeth white people that is exactly what we will do & there’s nothing anyone can do about it. (Except for the Russians since they are only people from that region who still knows how to fight)


Better still, Denmark could ask a price from the US and Russia. May the highest bidder win. It won’t come cheap seen the enormous treasures hidden beneath the ice which will soon melt anyway and is then ready for the picking.

I’m relatively sure that China would outbid both. Hell, if the US were to actually pull it off, it would be China’s money anyway. Predatory lending at its finest


Are you sure they can find it on the map?
Is it that big white thing up top there?

Would they parachute out again also after their weekend stint on active duty?
(I notice on CNN that Anderson Cooper is able to parachute in and out on a regular basis)

If not they may have to wait a while for a US ice breaker to reach them at some of remotest outposts around the very long coast of Greenland.
Especially along the Northeast coast it is a short season of opportunity, even for the heaviest of icebreakers.

All tough talk. If you had sent those guys to Vietnam instead of the regular army I understand you probably would not have been kicked out by the little yellow natives over there.


I think Sand Pebble meant it sarcastically (?)
At least I hope he did.

I thought that was who they sent. An army of not so enthusiastic conscript and some gung-ho volunteers. (The “smart guys” didn’t go. They had bone spurs or something)


Nope, from also earlier posts he is the warmonger type.

Well then he should check up Greenland on Wikipedia and Google Maps. It ain’t no place for Boy Scouts and Rednecks.


No not for Boy Scouts with short trousers. He is obviously not aware of the climatological circumstances in Greenland. Greenlanders have a strong hunting culture and especially the inuits are tough fighters. The cadets and weekenders might be in for a small surprise. Arctic warfare takes a special skill set.

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I’m sorry, it’s tempting & sounds entertaining but I don’t have enough animosity toward either of you to goad you guys along in an absurd discussion about ?!Greenland!? defending itself against an US invasion of Boys Scouts. It’s freaking Greenland for crying out load!

Furthermore, in 2016 I voted my conscience & cast my ballot for Gary Johnson. I’m a registered Libertarian. I didn’t support the Republicans war with Iraq or Obama’s wars in Syria & Lybia. I’ve stated as such thousands of times on several different forums with this username. But that President Trump has grown on me over the last 2.5 years. I love the way he makes Liberals lose whatever pieces of their minds that they had left. My real estate & stock portfolios have never done so good, unemployment for all demographics are at a 60 year low & the entertainment from Trumps absurdity is priceless. Trump makes absurd comments just to piss off liberals & to make his supporters laugh. If I lived in a blue state I would vote for Trump in 2020 but since I don’t I’ll stick with whatever candidate the Libertarians put up. Someone send a carrier pigeon to Greenland & tell them their militia can stand down, the invasion is off.


Denmark is in shock, Trump postponed his visit to their country because of their refusal to sell Greenland. The arrogance to not immediately accept Trump’s well-intentioned proposal to buy Greenland is certainly shocking. No wonder that his feelings, sensitive man as he is, are hurt This is actually a gross insult from a small tiny country to a big and powerful state and should not remain unpunished. Hit ’ m hard.

By buying Greenland the US landmass would increase with 22% while Denmark’s would decrease with 98%. Does Trump live on another planet?

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A Real estate mogul may see opportunities for some juicy property deals coming up with the melting of the ice cap. It just take a super smart businessman with visions for the future to spot them.

There was another smart marketing guy that had the same vision over 1000 years ago. He was am outlaw from Iceland called Eirik Raude (Eirik the Red) who found suitable real estate for settlements along the west coast. He went back to Iceland to sell his plan. To attract settlers to go there he named the land he had found Grønnland (The Green Land)

Thriving settlements grew up there based on fishing and farming that lasted for over 300 years. The settlers even travelled further to find more land and easy access to timber. This they called Vinland (The land of Wine) in present day Labrador/Newfoundland.
Due to climate change in the 14th and 15th Century the settlements, both in Greenland and Vinland, died out without any written history of what happened to the people there.

I’m afraid Donald Trump will not be able to establish his new empire in Nuuk, or at Thule, since Greenland is not for sale. He will have to look for somewhere else to escape to when his term as President is up.

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The refusal to visit Denmark has probably something to do with Obama’s visit to Denmark, together with his wife Michelle, in September. The couple is very popular in this country. On the other hand already a month before Trump’s arrival in the Danish capital, thousands of people have signed up for a demonstration against him.

Salient detail is the fact that Trump was invited personally by the King of Denmark so he is putting up his middle finger to the King. Nice manners for a president of a country. It was to be expected as he considers Europe to be a foe of the US. A press conference will be held this afternoon by the Danish prime minister.

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that man just takes my breath away.

Søvndal told the Danish newspaper Berlingske that Trump’s decision showed he was unaware of the basic rules of diplomacy. “If he had been a clown in a circus, you could probably say that there is considerable entertainment value. The problem is that he is the president of the most powerful nation in the world,” he said.


Probably the Russians will now have some regrets about this sale…

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We can see here some beautiful examples of condescension and even racism.
As in the 1980s, in the North Sea oil industry where you called us the arabs with blue eyes.
From Brittany.

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