Green Methanol

Short sea shipping moving towards sustainable operation in a challenging trade;:

NCL serve hub-ports in NW Europe and ports along the Norwegian coast as far north as Tromsø.
Many of these ports are small, with few if any facilities. The ships and their crews have to be able to handle most things themselves:

All those ships running on methanol will need reliable suppliers of green methanol.
The Swedes to the rescue;

Other possible sources of feed gas to make green methanol is found all around us; landfills, organic waste and even your s*it:

PS>Let them compete for your food waste, in whichever form.

ABS Awards AIP to World’s First Methanol-Powered Newcastlemax Bulk Carrier:

Things are happening fast and furious in the field of developing Methanol as Marine Fuel:

Hybrid-Methanol tug for the US market: