Great Priorities

Kings Point has some job openings.

One is for a teacher of Electrical Engineering. It’s part time and pays a whopping 25 bucks an hour. Not only do they want you to know
Electrical Engineering, but the also want you to have College teaching experience AND a CG license for 3rd Asst. Engineer; all for 25 bucks an hour.

The other job, actually 2, is for a “Tactical Officer”. Basically, it’s to work in the regiment and make sure that the kids have their shoes shined, have neat rooms, and a propper haircut, etc. It’s the usual regiment BS stuff. It pays $78,000 to $101,000 per year.

Don’t they have great priorities? They’ll pay 25 bucks an hour for someone to teach the stuff the kids are going to the school for and a WHOLE lot more to someone who’ll make sure they can march. The have just wonderful priorities.

Here’s the link to the jobs:

Bless you for finding and posting this…

nice to not be only one with gunsights trained on KP.

“You may fire when you are ready, Gridley,”

You can make 25 dollars an hour with a Commercial Drivers license, why bother getting an Engineering degree lol.

I think I’ll apply for one of the Tactical Officer positions…

if you’re gonna destroy something, destroy it from within…

I think you guys are missing the words “part time.” Could be looking for that guy with the degree who never sailed on his license, but wants to make a few extra bucks…