GOM sailor thinking about SIU or MSC

Rule of law is fundamental to organized human society.

We taxpayers provide a huge, expensive federal Department of Labor which is primarily for the unions. It handles - labor law - almost exclusively, not employment law. The NLRB is exclusively for organized labor.

Labor law is for organized labor and collective bargaining - unions.

Employment law is for everyone. There is no “Department of Employment”. Mostly employment law just give employees a “right to sue” their employers.

The right of a group of people to have contract rights enforced is in all cases a right protected by the state. The actual enforcement mechanism is irrelevant.

My original point was that the union contracts and rules should be posted for everyone to see on the union websites.

All people have a right to sue in court at their own expense to enforce their contract rights.

Only unions and union members have a taxpayer provided, pro-union enforcement mechanism through the Department of Labor and NLRB. Given that we taxpayers provide this for the unions, we have a right to know what their union contracts and union rules are.

I’d be very happy to see the federal government stop wasting my tax money and close down the Department of Labor entirerly. This isn’t the 1920’s. There is very little trade union labor left in the US. Let the unions just go to court like the rest of us have to.

Wow. That’s kind of an immature statement.

You are very clearly just anti-union.

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The “paradise” you describe is the great employers of the GOM that thought nothing of cutting salaries by 50% unannounced. I’ve seen what non-union companies do and want no part of it. I’m glad that you aren’t part of my union, and more importantly, that I won’t ever have to sail with you. From your tirades against the NMC, the USCG, all of the Maritime Academies, and the unions, it’s evident that you’re just miserable and nothing will ever please you.


My neighbor’s Gold Fish just had babies.

Id like to see the government stop wasting my tax money on banker bailouts. Id rather it go to a dept that protects working people looking to get their fair shake.

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