GOM Experience

Well what exactly is GOM experience? No one can give me an answer, but yet you have to have it to work down here.

Can you skin a buck? Can you run a trout line?

do yu tawk dat cay-jyan?

do yu dip Copenhagen & spit into a water bottle?

can yu say “i sees yu on da wun der capn” or “isa toppin aroun here inna fronta da CeePort”?

do you drive a big truk?

do yu hunt n fish?

do yu root for Ell Ess Ewe or ol’ Miss?

do yu say “Who Dat”?

if yu can say yes to any tree of the above den yu gots dat GoM espearence!

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[QUOTE=BowchickaBowditch;120178]Can you skin a buck? Can you run a trout line?[/QUOTE]

ana a country boy can survive!

Wooooo damn im wild!!!

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;120284]Wooooo damn im wild!!![/QUOTE]

Fraq…I don’t know what it’s gonna take for you to figure out how to actually post pics in your posts but I hope someday you figure it out.

I know you are from Alabama and all, but sheesh…it ain’t that difficult!

btw, please forgive me that I ommitted saying “Roll Tide” in my original list!

you gotta be like me,