Going to an academy with ADHD

I’m 21 and currently in the Navy, I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and stopped taking it before I joined the Navy. I did not tell the navy about my ADHD and it hasn’t been that much of a problem but work is a struggle most days. I work in intel sitting at a computer all day and it tends to get boring. I am considering going to SUNY Maritime in 2022.

My understanding is the USCG doesn’t allow people on Amphetamine’s to get their third mates license Would being diagnosed by a DOD doctor have any impact on the USCG giving a waiver, I know Navy is DOD and USCG is DHS. It will show up on my medical records which the USCG has access to because of TRICARE. Worst case scenario I don’t get prescribed/diagnosed by a doctor and have to potentially struggle through college.

I went to school with plenty of people who had ADHD and took meds for it. Didn’t seem to be an issue getting a license

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Nobody knows for sure but I’m convinced that well over 50% of mariners are adhd. We don’t know the numbers because most do not get diagnosed either because of fear of the uscg or just poor self awareness skills. “Normal” people just aren’t attracted to this job.

I can’t think of a ship that I’ve been on without someone (usually more than a few) taking Amphetamines.

Now the uscg does require you to report Amphetamine use and you will have to show a prescription during drug tests but otherwise you should be ok.

The uscg does, every few years, threaten to ban mariners who take Amphetamines but, like I said, they would only be getting rid of the people who are getting help… not the large majority of adhd people who aren’t.


SUNY Maritime takes in cadets who I am convinced have much, MUCH worse things going on than ADHD and they wind up graduating with licenses.

They shovel them all through.


Well, there’s a few that even they are smart enough to not shovel through…but not many…

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It’s called student retention metrics and it’s the most important metric that college presidents today are held to. Especially technical colleges because you can’t transfer in without starting over as a freshman.

Basically the maritime colleges today are doing the exact opposite of what they did when I graduated: they are doing everything they can to make sure students graduate because if they kick you out for something like adhd then they can’t replace you with an equivalent revenue source.


They claim (keyword claim) that they have record numbers of applications for the college. I highly doubt all of those applicants are borderline mentally retarded like a handful I have seen on that training ship. It’s scary.

If their claims are true, they should be more selective. Of course, this just leads me to believe the simplest explanation - enrollment and applications may actually be down.

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Revenue source sums things up nicely. With administrative costs going up over the last 20 years, funding by state and federal governments decreasing, jobs for graduates that pay enough money to allow loan payments after graduation also decreasing all colleges are scrambling for revenue sources. Revenue source= any warm body that can get the money.

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I wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until I came ashore, working offshore, I believe it actually made me a stronger mariner, or at least I thought.

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Now I will say if sitting at a computer gets boring you might want to reconsider your potential major!

Well, i am not 100 percent sure but to my knowledge, there is no restriction of not being licensed or selected If you have ADHD. They have much worse than this, For me it seems no issue at all.
Of course, you need medication, even if you don’t if necessary but the fact is you have to take them to live a balanced and healthy life. And I am sure they can understand it. Well becoming a captain can not help you to get rid of this situation, but yes it may convert your mind away from stress or worries. INcase you find ADHD difficult to handle then immediately go for the CBT It is found helpful to deal with ADHD, especially in adults.

Adam, you’re resurrecting all the old threads today!

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Look into modafinil or Armadafonil. They’re not amphetamine stimulants. They’re prescribed for narcolepsy, shift work disorder, and off label for ADHD. I’m currently taking Armadafonil and haven’t had any issues.