Going on a Criuse

So I’ve been sitting on the beach for the past six months spending all my money on cheap cars and fast women, waiting for NOAA to decide to hire me which apparently they are never going to do…So I was starting to look into other avenues and just today I got an email from P and O Cruises, a large British company saying they want to hire me as a Deckhand and pay me 4000 quid a month, all travel paid. Not too shabby eh? I think Im going to accept, more to just get out of the house than anything else.

These ships are friggin massive!!!

So has anyone here worked in Deck dept. on one of these big cruise ships? Whats the experience like? I guess I’ll find out.

Anyone work on British ships? Any major differences: customs, terminology, limey slang?

Also I have to get a temporary 2 year British MMC and ICC document. The company handles all that though, so its no sweat on my part.

That’s great! Congrats. How did you apply for this job opportunity, and how much experience have you had? What kind of position is it?

^^^Thanks, I applied online on simplyhired. They are hiring deckhands, ABs, engineers, and mates. Also non-maritime staff. Its a Deckhand position. I wanted to apply for AB, but I only have an AB Special, I believe you need a Limited or Un. The pay is really pretty damn good. More than the day rate I would make as an AB in the Gulf not including overtime. In addition to the monthly base pay, apparently you get a 300 pound weekly allowance and a paid months long vacation at the end of every four months. Is this typical for cruise ship companies? Prior to this I worked for MSC (ughh!!!) and worked on liftboats in the GOM.

I am really curious as to what the whole experience is going to be like. I really never gave a second thought to working on cruise ships (I like working at sea to get AWAY from people) but I the more I think about it, I would rather put up with all the craziness and tourists and actually have the chance to go to some cool places as opposed to just sitting out in the oilpatch with a bunch of Bubbas and making runs to Fourchon every other day. At least on my vacations I can f**k off around Europe for a month.

[QUOTE=Saltwater;114733]I am really curious as to what the whole experience is going to be like.[/QUOTE]

Unless this thread is supposed to be a sick joke, you will quickly find that you have been royally had by one of the oldest scams in the business. I sincerely hope you haven’t sent any money or personal information to those people.

It might be interesting for you to look carefully at the full header of any email you have received. Trace the IP address of the sender and see if it matches the claimed location. I would not be surprised if you find that the IP address is located in a suburban home or apartment a long ways from where the sender claims to be. A few minutes doing some simple detective work will almost certainly show that you are the victim of a fraud.

I got an email from P and O Cruises …

“P/O Cruises, MSC Cruises, Carnival Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Silversea Cruise Line Inc. and Oceanic Cruises do not conduct their own employment recruitment. All e-mails regarding cruise line employment forwarded by a cruise line to potential cruise line staff could be a scam.”



This is for a 3rd deck officer that I found on their website. I didn’t see any deckhands, though I didn’t look too hard.

Date Posted : 05/07/2013 16:54:11
Closing Date :
Location : Fleet - Ship Based
Department : Deck
Salary : Circa 26,000 - 31,000 (dependant on experience)

[QUOTE=MFOWelectrician;114740]This is for a 3rd deck officer that I found on their website.[/QUOTE]

Whose website?

Found it through the P and O website. Hope this link works. I followed the career link to this address. The OP quotes 4000 a month. Wouldn’t that make his rate higher then a mates? I agree, further investigation is needed.


I think they told him dollars and what you saw was pounds based on the exchange rate it would make sense.

[QUOTE=cali deckie;114748]I think they told him dollars and what you saw was pounds based on the exchange rate it would make sense.[/QUOTE]

“Saltwater” said “quid” in his original post, that means pounds. 4000 pounds a month equals $6000. There’s no way. Where is “Saltwater”? Was this a joke posting?

I checked “Simplyhired” and there IS an ad on there where a person named Andrew Daniel asks you to send him a resume at hiring@pocruisesemployment.com The simplyhired link redirects you to a site called “bullhornreach.com” where the ad is posted. when I opened the site “pocruisesemployment.com” it redirected me to the main po cruise website. So P&O really owns that address. I’m baffled.