Going Deep Sea


Bare with me everyone, I know there’s been similar topics. I’m trying to change sectors and go deep sea or something similar. I intend to sail as a 3M or 2M to gain relevant experience before trying to sail as a C/M.

Can anyone give information about the heavy lift ships US Ocean/ Intermarine or SLNC?


C/M on LMSR’s ROS or FOS and that lifestyle/ quality of work and job?

While we are here, can anyone speak about working at TOTE?

I’ve put an application in with AMO so I’ll gladly hear out what anyone has to say about new applicants at AMO.

Yes I’m prepared for the backlash from assholes and the plethora of individuals that will tell me this information is here (which some is, and mostly not current). Give me the 2018 realities.

Thank you in advance.

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Speaking from what I know and have experience at MMP…

SLNC is a low paying contract. Vacation is 14/30 but not too sure about base wages and OT. I have known a few guys who worked the Intermarine vessels and they said the voyages were interesting but that the vessels themselves were a shitshow.

ROS seems to be enjoyed by retirees and folks who do those brief activations. From what I have been told about that side of the government contracts the day wage is high but the OT was low and the vacation was something like 1/30.

FOS was far better wages, vacation was 24/30 and earning those wages while prepositioned was a cozy gig unless you got stuck in some boring place like Diego Garcia. Getting the classes and government clearance necessary to work these vessels regardless of their operating status used to be a challenge, but I’m not sure if that has improved since. A perk of working ROS/FOS vessels is that when they rotate into scheduled yard periods they call up folks who are on vacation and offer them FOS wages to come down and be Cargo Mates, which is probably some of the easiest money you will ever make.

I can’t speak for what it’s like working on AMO vessels.

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to repeat…

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I heard it from the horses mouth (MMP president) that if you have a security clearance and a second mates license, they will train you with the MSC classes to get immediately to work.

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That’s good. When I took the courses 5 years back people were having trouble with it.

Hopefully we hold onto these contracts.

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Thank you for taking the time to get back to me giving me some valuable information. Hopefully I can report back soon with some good news in the near future. Thanks fellas, fair winds.

That almost makes me wish I had a security clearance.


MATSON… anyone here ever sailed with them? I understand the majority of it is CAL Maritime graduates.