Crew Agency Adventure

Good Evening!

I have been around these forums for a while reading (like years) but just jumped in now to ask a question that despite an hour or so of searching, think has not been addressed yet (I appologize if it has been as I know there are dozens of “want a new career” type threads here all the time).

I spent a year at Mass. Maritime and left to pursue a degree in the liberal arts (I know, I know…). That was about 5 years ago and I just cannot shake the need to pursue my passion of working deep sea. Like, it is starting to negativley affect my life in as much as I just keep reminiscing about what “could have been” and I do not mean staying at the academy. I was pushed in that direction from the folks when they saw me with the paperwork for SIU Piney Point. I just wanted to work on ships, period. Hence, the disappointment with the academy, it just wasn’t for me…if I wasn’t working on a ship I wasn’t interested and sort of drifted off to other things. With that said, and the understanding that I really wasn’t and am not interested in this for a great salary or being an officer, the logical answer would be to go back towards the OS route, perhaps Piney Point, perhaps something else, but we all know that deep sea is sort of few and far between…

So, with all that background (sorry for the bore…if you are still here) I will get around to my question:

So few US deep sea jobs yet so many ships working deep sea routes…has anyone ever known or heard of one of the large overseas crewing agencies accepting a US MMD OS newbie? I mean, if someone just wants to ship out, would this be possible? I know the horror stories of some of the foreing flag vessels and what happens with the crews, but take for example some of the large lines, like APL, Maersk, Evergreen, etc., would it be possible to obtain employment on those vessels through the crewing agencies such as the large operations in the Phillipines?

It may sound unorthodox, but for a little escapism and the ability to actually do a job you want to do regardless of pay, is it possible?

Does time away from home matter? If not I would say go MSC. There you actually get time off in port (as opposed to container ships) and you can stay on a ship you like as long as you want. Plus the pay won’t be horrible so you can bank some cash for later. They also will train you and provide you with classes for upgrades.

What positions do they hire for? Are all of their vessels unlimited? 1600 pee on here!haha

I actually had one of those guys on the line a couple years ago. He told me he had never hired an American before. He had no problem with my credentials and would hire me if I wanted the job but the pay was around $600 a month.

They hire for all positions, just not all the time. Go to their website and see what jobs are open. They definitely hire AB and OS. They require unlimited licenses for all officers even though they have a few tugs that are not unlimited.

hard enough to sail American flag let alone foreign. you are subject to their laws or lack their of when you get on their ship.

yes, to MSC. I suspect a med cruise as OS would help cure that nostalgia trip

Talk about following the laws, I would sure like to see these companies in the Gulf of Mexico follow the LAW as far as allowing seamen access to shoreleave! I am really getting sick and tired of having to fight with them every time I have to work down here to go for a walk or to the store. I am only getting paid for a 12 hour day, the rest of the time belongs to ME! As soon as I get ready to retire I will be filing a class action lawsuit on these imbeciles and they ARE going to lose!
I will do anything I can to find a job outside the USA and this issue of shoreleave is one of the main reasons. It just goes to show the attitude of the company toward thier PROFESSIONAL mariners. They think we are just thier slaves and not worth treating with any such things as dignity or respect. I really used to enjoy going to work, looked forward to it but not any more. That attitude has completely ruined it for me…No wonder they can;t keep people when things are any better than total desperation for jobs!