Getting the FCC to assign a MMSI so a Coast Station can use DSC

My organization has a license from the FCC to operate a Coast Station so that we can legally use a VHF radio at our shore facility to talk with our fleet and the local harbor police. It is time to renew the license, the renewal interval is ten years, and I’m pretty sure we want the option of using DSC sometime in the next decade without having to talk to the FCC first. I can’t confirm that the mostly automated online renewal process will get an MMSI assigned and they don’t make it easy to figure out how to contact a human. Has anybody else dealt with this issue recently?

try this number someone might can help you. 817-860-3800

I have an update and hopefully solution from the FCC.

I found a web form to contact the Wireless Telecom. Bureau Mobility Division on the Wireless Wireless Telecom. Bureau - about us page. They responded to me via email the next day.


An attachment needs to be filed with the renewal application requesting assignment of and MMSI number. And, you need to modify the license to add frequency 156.525 MHz.

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
Mobility Division

My organization operates a MC - Coastal Group licensed station, W[redacted], to communicate with the vessels in our fleet and the local harbor police boats. Our license is up for renewal this spring and I am dealing with the renewal process.

Technology has changed to the point that the majority of our fleet is equipped with marine VHF radios capable of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and I anticipate equipping our shore station with DSC in the near future. I can’t seem to find any information on the FCC web site or in the online license manager about requesting assignment of a MMSI for our station. What is the process to get a MMSI assigned to our station during the license renewal?