DSC testing with coast radio stations Far East

Hello guys, just want to ask if anybody here experienced difficulties lately regarding DSC testing (with MF/HF) against coast radio stations near the Far East area. Since February I have experienced not receiving replies from any coast stations (which normally sends “acknowledge backs” automatically), perhaps because of the effects of COVID-19. I’m sure my equipment works just fine since I can still receive acknowledgment even from far away mobile ship stations. Have they actually shut down these auto-reply coast stations?

I’ve never gotten a reply from any coast station, even in the US. I always use other vessels for my DSC test calls.


You’re not alone. I’ve tried all the Coast Stations on the list and no auto - ack. Even contacted CG through the navcen, they gave me another MMSI to try, and it still didn’t work. I’m testing from central GOM. Usually have to do it ship to ship to make sure it works.

I can get USCG Baltimore on VHF DSC with their station-specific MMSI, but the generic USCG MMSI does nothing.