Germany/European "Jones Act" failing too?

Their approach seems to produce a similar outcome to our Jones Act - less nationally flagged vessels. Link should take you to page 16.

Interesting how they do seafarer taxes. They still do them, but they go to the company, not the state

Meanwhile Denmark is growing their maritime sector by capitalizing on foreign work and illegally blocking their pay discussions. From the article:

Just under 17,000 seafarers serve on Danish vessels.
Of these, 10,000 are from other countries, most of whom are not residents in Denmark.
Danish legislation is preventing foreign crew members who do not live in Denmark from negotiating on pay and conditions.
By excluding these workers from pay talks, the committee believes DIS (Danish International Register of Shipping) is trying to prevent the risk of Danish ships being flagged out to other countries, with the attendant loss of employment and revenue for the Danish shipping industry.