General under honorable discharge and joining MSC

When I was discharged from the navy I was discharged with an RE-4 and General under honorable. Long story short I crashed a car speeding, left it there in the middle of the woods, went out drinking with buddies with the intention of yanking it out with his pickup on our day off the next day thinking no one would find it or mind the note i left sitting, lost control will be back tomorrow to recover. I was young and dumb, and of course another car saw it, called the cops, reported it, and when I came home that night I was found intoxicated, I asked for court martial and got a discharge instead. Never charged with anything though, just misbehaving, I was young and thought it was fine and have gone on to be more successful than I was then. In following my maritime career I have gotten an interest in MSC. My question hasn’t been answered by live chat and phone calls so I’m hoping someone here could tell me. Am I eligible with this in my background?

I don’t think this would keep you from being considered, but it could be a problem if you need a security clearance. It would depend in large part on how long ago it was and how much/regularly you drink now. You probably wouldn’t be able to claim veterans preference in hiring though, if you have a DD-214 that says Honorable you might.

I drink occasionally, kinda got over the going out and bar thing a long time ago. I also held a top secret clearance, was a nuke on sub, well, just finished nuke school going to the sub when the issue happened.

I certainly claim it when asked ( I think on the application). I knew a guy that had a bad discharge, and an honorable one ( seems he went back into the navy and then screwed the pooch). He claimed he had an honorable, but failed to also state he had a less than honorable. The office found out and fired him. Indeed this could keep you from a security clearance. No clearance no job with msc… I’d apply, be honest and see what happens

I have personal knowledge of a mariner with an Other Than Honorable on top of 2 Honorable that has been with MSC for many years. DONCAF will make the final call. Just be brutally honest in your revelation. Good luck.