gCaptain's New Server - Good News/Bad News

The Good:
I’m excited to announce that somewhere in the world a computer exists that’s only job is serving you content. Thanks to your help in spreading the word our old, shared, server just couldn’t handle the traffic. Hopefully this move will help speed things up during peak times.

The Bad:
Due to the fact all of us at gCaptain are mariners not web geeks (go ahead and object Anchorman;) we screwed up and lost a few posts and new user applications between Saturday evening and Monday morning. If this happened to you, we appologize. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing for the rest of the voyage.

The Ugly;
Let’s just say, with the exception of Capt. Lee’s beautiful wife, be happy it’s difficult to find profile pictures on this site :wink:

If you find any bugs please let us know.

thanks for the new server, that is good news, but the maritime jobs link page isn’t loading, shows as done on my browser but no data at all shows on the screen.

thanks for the bug report! I’ll be attempting a fix tonight.

something to maybe think about…can you add a login to the homepage? unless there is one and i’m missing it - which is totally possible.


Currently all our sections require separate registrations. We are looking to integrate them together but it is not an easy task.

Thanks john - I guess I can live with the way it is for now!

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