gCaptain Radio - Episode 3

This week marks the third episode of gCaptain Radio, a weekly talk show discussion with gCaptain founder John Konradand radio host Jeff Eckles.
gCaptain Radio is recorded each week and available to download via mp3 or as an iTunes podcast on Sunday evenings. Stay tuned for the iTunes subscription URL.
Click HERE to listen now!


Still not seeing it on iTunes.

[QUOTE=coldduck;112795]Still not seeing it on iTunes.[/QUOTE]

It’s not up on itunes yet… stby.

[QUOTE=coldduck;112795]Still not seeing it on iTunes.[/QUOTE]

Apple just approved it!

Here’s the link to subscribe via iTunes:

ALSO: Episode 4 is live: http://gcaptain.com/category/radio-podcast/

Listened to the first one finally, very excellent keep them coming!