Gaza pier moves to Ashdod, Israel

U.S. Army soldiers and sailors attached to the MV Roy P. Benavidez assemble the roll-on, roll-off pier off the coast of Gaza, April 26, 2024. U.S. Army photo

Source: Construction of U.S. Military Pier for Gaza Changes Location Due to Weather
Does that mean that they can move the “50% completed pier” as is, or have to dismantle it for the move?

IOW the aid shipments from Cyprus will have to go though one of the crossings from Israel into North Gaza. (These have been closed for aid delivery until a few days ago):
Source: Gaza E.R. ~ Map: In and Out of Gaza | Wide Angle | PBS

The delivery of aid from Egypt to North Gaza is difficult and dangerous due to ongoing fighting, blocked and damaged roads and Israeli restrictions.

PS> Hope the US Army don’t have to assemble one of these piers somewhere in Asia during the NE Monsoon season.

Does that mean that the pier will be assembled near Ashdod and moved to the intended site on the Gaza coast as a complete unit?

PS> Ashdod is a major port in Israel:

Kiss my ass, gaza.

Again, you’re such a hero.


Spoken like a true armchair hero that have never experienced the real world.
FYI: Gaza is a piece of land and are unable to satisfy your wishes.

Sorry to have to tell you but 35000 Gazans are not able to kiss your ass because they have died in revenge for the action of a few.

More are dying every day, mostly women and children. Some of the children, incl. infants, are starving to death because aid isn’t allowed into Gaza, not because there isn’t supplies waiting to be delivered and distributed. The children have never done you, or anybody, any harm.

If you come with the favourit right wing argument that “they all supported Hamas in the election in 2006” you should check out the facts:

Source: (Sorry, behind paywall)

And you, child, have no idea what you are talking about.



So you hate a terrorist group for enjoying the killing of Americans on 9/11. Ok, kinda makes sense I guess. But, how does that hate transfer to innocent babies & children that have done nothing wrong but be born in a shitty place and have no idea what a terrorist organization is?

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I am impressed!!! I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of somebody with such an illustrious background and experience. Still “working as government contractor” some more. (CIA or FBI?)

You did what exactly to “Lebanon in 1983 and Libya after that”? Nothing too good apparently, since both places are still in a mess.

In the two Gulf Wars, did you get bombs dropped on you, without a possibility of shooting back?
Did you ever get chased away from your home, or see it demolished with your family still inside?
Did you ever starve, or lacked clean drinking water because somebody block access for supplies?

Were you in Gaza at the time, or did you see it on television (Fox News?) from the comfort of your Contractor chair? Have you got any proven evidence that anybody were “dancing in the streets” in Gaza on 9/11? (They were a few days ago when it looked like there may be a respite in the killings)

BTW; the people that hijacked those planes and their leader were Saudis, not Palestinians. (But the Saudis got Oil)

I’m NOT surprised that you “do not care if everyone of them starve to death”. As long as you can go to your nearest McDonald’s or KFC for you daily dose of Fa(s)t Food, who cares about some starving children in Gaza?

PS> I still don’t think you should invite all of Gaza to “kiss your ass”, no matter how big it is.

Hey, be nice to the 3rd mate with 44 years experience. I bet the Death toll of civilians hasn’t passed the number of life jacket’s he’s counted in his time. I’m sure he’ll care at that point.


We know how good memory is. It’s not like you could be misremembering things. :roll_eyes:

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One of those kids who is watching his brothers and and sisters starve to death while food is so close

Well he may be well primed and full of hate now.

He may be the one the one who plants the IED that blows the contractor’s legs off.

A great investment for the future eh.

They won’t all starve and those who don’t, will remember and wait.

I work on a ship, not in an armchair. The US Navy owns ships with civilian crews. That’s what I do and I have done it for many years. At this point in my career, I want nothing more than to retire in peace. I am two years and one month away from that. I refuse to get involved in anymore conflicts. The people in that part of the world have proven to me that they live for that. And for that reason they can kiss my fuzzy ass.

Ay aid we render will be stolen by the men with the guns. The children watch that, they see the power of the men with the guns and thus, the next generation of terrorists is hatched.

@Lew and @Seadog6726 statements here are not mutually exclusive. IMO both are right in measure and wrong in measure.

Most of the history of Israel /Gaza falls along those lines: both sides can be right, and both sides can be wrong.

Israel was formed because the Jews faced extermination after WW2 and had no place to go, so they fled to the land to which they had the most likely claim.-True statement.

Israel stole land from Palestinians.-True statement.

Israel, always faced with annihilation, needed buffer zones from attack.-True statement.

The Palestinians forced from their lands to create those buffer zones were always going to fight to get that land back.- True statement.

Israel’s hands are clean in this war-False.

The Gazans are innocent in this war.-Absurd.

There are reasons intractable problems are intractable.


A majority of the people living in the Gaza Strip are innocent in this war, which the Israeli Government claim is against Hamas, NOT against the people of Gaza. (Their action may prove otherwise)

A large number of Gazans are descendants of the people that was forced from their homes to give space for the Israeli state to be formed in 1948:

Many displaced Palestinians still have refugee status under UNHCR charter.:

The people of Gaza have been living in an “open air prison” that was created after the Israelis pulled out of Gaza in 2005:

PS> Talking tough when you have a full belly and live in a relative safe and comfortable situation is easy Try the opposite and your opinion may change Mr. Kevin S. et al.

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There are very few innocents in Gaza. They are mostly supporters of Islamic terrorism, if not in fact terrorists. In Gaza a woman’s womb is most likely a future terrorist manufacturing facility. Most children in Gaza are future terrorists in training or future terrorist supporters. A 13 year old with an AK-47 is a terrorist, not a child.

If Hamas considers Gazan human shields and schools and hospitals to be expendable. It’s not difficult to understand why the Israelis also consider them to be expendable.

Israel is Not seeking revenge. Israel is trying to wipeout Hamas to prevent reoccurrence of another Hamas massacre in Israel. Not to mention the daily rocket attacks against Israel that have be going on for decades.

We (outside the Mideast) do not understand the very real problems that Israel faces. Let’s take a hands off approach and leave it to Israel to solve their own problems however they see fit. If we don’t like it, we judge the Israelis afterwards.


It seems Israel is not satisfied with inspecting aid embarked at Cyprus, but also wants wants to inspect the aid after unloading at the pier end, on land through checkpoints, thus controlling it’s availability.
The UN and organisations working to try and prevent famine and starvation see this as potentially an attempt to delay access to aid.

Siege is proven method of warfare thousands of years old. Surround the opponent’s castle until they run out of food and surrender.

The Israelis of course want to maintain a siege of Gaza until Hamas releases the Israeli and American hostages.

It makes no sense to allow any aid into Gaza until the hostages are released. Israel does not want the siege to be broken or Hamas to be fed.

It’s perfectly understandable that Israel is only allowing limited aid in under pressure from outside meddlers who are not putting the interests of the hostages first.

Hamas can end the siege today. All it has to do is release the hostages. Then the aid would flow.