US Gaza Pier

The Wall Street Journal has a good article with photos about the pier

“The U.S. Built a $320 Million Pier to Get Aid to Gazans. Little of It Has Reached Them.

Challenges to distributing food, water and other supplies continue; good alternatives to ground crossings prove elusive”

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US vessels used to unload Gaza aid run aground on Ashdod beach



Today, 12:35 pm

American vessels are stuck on the Ashdod beach, May 25, 2024. (Courtesy)

American vessels are stuck on the Ashdod beach, May 25, 2024. (Courtesy)

An American vessel used to unload humanitarian aid from ships into the Gaza Strip via a floating pier disconnected from a small boat tugging it this morning due to stormy seas, leading it to get stuck on the coast of Ashdod, eyewitnesses say.

Another ship was then sent to try and extract the stuck vessel, but also got beached.

There are no reports of injuries in the incident.

looks about right!, the latest conspiracy theory is the pier is a demarcation point for gazan’s to come to America.

Who has time to come up with this shit?

Looks like a Mike boat and a side load warping tug, unbeaching at high tide shouldnt be too much of an issue

Putin, Xi, Kim, and Hamas, Houthis, et al, must be laughing their asses off.

Our super expensive military is only good at one thing: pissing away our tax dollars.

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Looting of pier aid shows who’s really at fault for Gazan misery

Original source (on modern site) | Article images: [1] [2]

President Biden’s plan to deliver aid to Palestinians via a pier on the Gaza shore is being sabotaged by an inconvenient truth: Getting aid in isn’t the hard part, it’s preventing it from being stolen.

Ignore the wailing of leftists who accuse Israel of preventing food and other shipments from getting to Gazans by, say, shutting down land routes for security; truth is, plenty of aid — more than 569 metric tons — has been processed into Gaza through the floating pier the US finished building this month.

Yet delivering it in a warzone is a logistical nightmare, involving a web of nongovernmental organizations and hard facts on the ground.

The pier was supposed to facilitate the delivery of about 90 trucks of aid a day, but only about 70 had made it to warehouses in the entire week after the pier was built.

The most odious (and predictable) wrench in the cogs: looters.

Eleven of the 16 aid trucks heading from the pier to a warehouse by UN World Food Program on May 18 were ransacked on their route by crowds of people, who stripped the vehicles of goods.


Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder admitted that “some of that initial aid that was brought in. . . was intercepted by some people who took that aid off those vehicles.”

Deliveries were temporarily halted while the Pentagon and UNWFP tried to find alternate routes and sort out better security.

There are few details on exactly who was responsible for the looting in this case, but as Eli Lake highlighted in the Free Press, the amount and quality of food that Israel has facilitated into Gaza is not only sufficient, it’s been improving since January 2024 — yet there’s plenty of evidence that Hamas keeps stealing it.

There is one and only one group in this war that’s bent on causing misery for the people of Gaza — and it’s Hamas.

That’s a fact that neither the Biden administration nor the European Union can seem to come to terms with.

They won’t even listen when this comes straight from the mouths of Gazans: One brave Palestinian woman openly (and bravely) condemned Hamas for hoarding aid meant for civilians some months back.

If the Western world wants to help Palestinians who are being affected by this war, then leaders need to be clear-eyed about who the villain is: Hamas.

And urge Israel to defeat these murderous villains ASAP — not just to eliminate the threat to Israel, but for the sake of Gazans themselves.


Im pretty sure those motors in the powered module are toasted. They probably have a backup unit working already. Get this one pumped out, towed back to the Mendonca stowed. They can overhaul it back in the states.

Mike boat getting beached should not be a big deal.

Do you really believe that or just choose to spread lies and hope it stirs up the right wing whackjobs?

From the Reuters article quoted in your post:

It’s interesting how our own government avoids telling us who “some people” were.

Israeli protesters attack Gaza aid trucks in West Bank


I just posted the informative article about the pier. I have no idea how accurate the reporting is, and have no beliefs in that regard.

I do believe that the JLOTS Pier is a super expensive failure and an embarrassing demonstration of the lack of US military capability.

A dozen admirals need to be held accountable and forced to retire.


In our dreams.

The fact that there are so many admirals is by itself an indication of just how deeply flawed is the Naval leadership. There is an admiral for every ribbon awarded for participation in every escapade those twits conceive to justify their existence.

Admiral Halsey

Admiral Halsey WW2

Compared to one of today’s herd.

The article does nothing to support this claim. Even if it’s Palestinians looting the aid trucks and not Israeli protestors that doesn’t mean it’s Hamas. It just means that desperate people are looting the aid trucks instead of starving to death.


This pier is just for show. The Palestinian Muslims and Christians will be either starved or killed long before any significant aid makes it onto shore via this pier. The US could easily muscle Israel to let aid through the land borders but they don’t.

….Instead the US continues its embarrassment on the world stage.


Don’t know if you are a vet. I am.
There is a difference between the “formal” image & “every-day” wear.
That said, if the admiral was wearing all that fruit salad daily, I’ll agree with Bull Halsey.
However, don’t shit on the fruit-salad admiral. He was awarded a Bronze Star, and it looks like The Navy Cross, which is second only to the Medal of Honor. As such, he’s earned my respect.

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There’s no need to photoshop the news footage of Israeli settlers destroying food and water meant to go to Palestinians. Hopefully that footage will be put in evidence at some future war crimes trial there would be much more if Israel didn’t target reporters.




It’s useless arguing with people like that at this point.

A substantial portion of elderly and middle aged Americans have already stopped classifying Palestinians as people. In their eyes, Palestinians no longer exist and everyone is a filthy, vile Hamas terrorist or a “human shield”. No, they don’t question the reasons why the Palestinian people are willing to go to war with an American backed power, because the only other path given to them has been apartheid and raising children (AKA future evil Nazi Hamas terrorists!!!) in cities of rubble.

They are willing to throw away everything, including the lives of their American children and grandchildren, in a war to defend Israel. 10.9 million USD must be given to Israel every single day for all of time, because they are for whatever reason the “greatest ally” of America. (When asked why they are given such a lofty title, you can’t get a clear answer. Maybe some mumbling about “40 years in the desert!”)

Boomers consider the Israeli people holier than Christ himself and can’t be convinced otherwise.


I think it is time the USA reconstituted the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act and change all references to South Africa to Israel.

We either support apartheid and genocide or we don’t and in the eyes of the world we are a partner to a terrorist state that has more in common with the former South Africa and deposed 1930s European dictators than what the USA claims it stands for. This situation is one of the pack of rabid dogs that are tearing this nation apart.