Gale Low NE of Bermuda tagged as invest 95

[B]The extratropical low over the western North Atlantic northeast of Bermuda has been moving northeast at 10-15kts with strong to gale force winds (25-40kts) and seas to 14 ft. occurring within 180 nautical miles south and east of the center. The National Hurricane Center has indicated that there is some chance (30%) that this system could acquire sub-tropical or tropical characteristics over the next 2 days.


Tropical Storm Chris continues hold it’s own as it move eastward now at close to 20kts with max winds to 45kts and seas to 17ft. Gale force winds extend out 80nm to the southeast and 40nm to the northwest and some slight additional strengthening is possible during the next 12-18 hours. After 24-36 hours, Chris will transition back into an extratropical system.