FVdrills: looking for feedback

All, some of you have seen me post about my fishing vessel safety apps here before. Based on feedback from fishermen, we have been working to improve the FVdrills app. FVdrills is a free emergency drill checklist app developed in conjunction with the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA) that covers topics that are required by the USCG. The app is a mobile presentation of the drills in the book, Beating the Odds: A Guide to Commercial Fishing Safety. To give FVdrills a try, you can download it to your iPhone (free) at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fvdrills/id597745204?mt=8. Comments heard dockside largely drove the revisions incorporated from the initial release to the most recent version 2 of the app.

But, here’s the catch, I really want to know what you think so that we can continue to make this as useful a tool as possible for commercial fishermen. Please share your feedback by completing the survey at: https://survey.vt.edu/survey/entry.jsp?id=1424094517913. I know everyone is survey averse, but I really, truly need your help and appreciate your taking the time to complete it.