Furuno plotter NavNet Canadian charts

I have a Furuno plotter with an SD card with charts.

I’d like to get free Canadian charts onto the plotter. There isn’t a lot out there for how to do that!

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

The SD card door says NavNet, I believe the model of the plotter is a Furuno GP-7000f

Re Canadian charts. Afraid you are out of luck. Pretty much all chart plotter charts are proprietary and controlled by the manufacturer. Or by one of the big cartographers and have been since the turn of the century. They are all copy protected.

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I suspected as much. Anyone else with other input? Thanks!

Canadian Hydrographic Service doesn’t operate like NOAA. More of a pay to play deal.

Your Furuno Plotter uses C-Map NT (or possibly C-Map Max) SD cards. I can’t tell from the picture as the wire is in the way but it gives the type on the SD card door below “NavNet”. You can get the charts you want from any C-Map dealer. Finding them for free isn’t going to happen but you may find a deal on eBay or second hand locally (Craigslist, Marketplace, etc).