Fuel Selling

This is something that has been bugging the shit out of me for a number of years. I know of, and have heard of many instances where guys are threatened and badly injured for not wanting to get involved in selling fuel from their boats.
With the price of marine diesel what it is, any wonder why it has become such a big business.
Any info from you guys on what measures your company is taking to stop fuel selling?

I’ve heard of guys being propositioned at shipyards for $1 a gallon that “got gone” at night.

When we are pumping slops in some countries we are propositioned to sell diesel. We never do it, but the guys tell us the foreign flagged ships do it all the time. I have never been threatened over it, but have heard that in some places

It’s big in Africa

We got propositioned in India once… the locals were trading one liter of diesel for one liter of moonshine. I shoed them away but, weeks later we found a 55 gallon drum filled with the stuff (one of the motorman must have made the trade at night). Tasted awful.

dont do it in Africa and you die
do it and have the cash on you and you die