Frontier Drilling

Does anyone have any information/experience with Frontier Drilling?

what do you need to know (ask specific questions) …

What type of DP systems do the ships have? What are the typical rotations of the crews? Do the crews normally meet in Houston for crew change or at the helio port? Do they pay for travel? How are the living conditions compared to say a transocean drillship? Just a few questions… Do you currently work for Frontier?

All I know is that the MEBA rep in Houston told me they work a 28-28 rotation with equal pay of $220 every day.

Had this offer for Chief Mate… 28/28

Hello Mr. XXXXX,
We appreciate your interest in our organization and we gladly welcome you. The details of this offer are listed below. This is not a formal offer but a contingent offer based on the successful completion of the pre- employment process.
The location and compensation breakdown is as follows:
Rig: Bully
Rig Location:
Position: Chief Mate
Base Annual Salary: 11,086.40 Travel Pay: 728.97 (2 days)
Travel Allowance: 150.00 equaling 1,800.00 annually You are also eligible for Rig Performance Bonus – Possible 10% of gross yearly earnings max. Bonus paid quarterly based on rig performance. Bonus is paid ONLY when the rig is operational. Approximately: 11,965.37
Retention Plan
Candidates that will take part in the Retention Plan will be paid-out over a three year period. The initial payment will be one third of the total amount. This payment will also be prorated base on start dates of that fiscal year. The only Retention Plan that has been approved is the 2009. These plans are approve prior to the fiscal year that they will be applicable.
Jan 2010 Jan 2011 Jan 2012
FY 09 Approve 5,333.33 5,333.33 5,333.33
*FY 10 if Approved 5,333.33 5,333.33
*FY 11 If approved 5,333.33
1st year 2nd year 3rd year
*represents plans that have not been approved
Investment Savings Plan with company matching 6.00% with immediate vesting. Company provided medical ,vision, and dental insurance provided to the Employee and 75% (Company)/25% Employee) shared premium cost for eligible dependents. Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment plus long and short term disability insurance will be paid by company. All benefits are effective the date of initial employment.
This total offer could total $ 162,221.44 if you have any questions please contact your recruiter.

Thanks and Best regards,

hey, I recognize that letter!
at any rate, that’ll answer the lion’s share of the outstanding questions.
the bigger dilemma is personal: do you really want to be a DPO on a drill rig sitting in one place day after day after day? many will say “sure” for the money. others may not.

Have to agree with with Richard.