Fresh Salmon travel by train from Norway to China

Fresh salmon to be transported from Norway to China by train:

PS>The New technology which enable this was developed by a company in California.

I was involved in a trial of shipping live fish from New Zealand to Japan in the early eighties. A waterproof membrane contained a pool in a reefer container at just above zero with an oxygen bubbler like an aquarium. The fish stayed in a sort of suspended animation. Two shipments were successful and the third failed because the oxygen bubbler failed. It wasn’t pursued because although the fish commanded a premium the quantity didn’t make it economic.
More and more of our very high quality pacific salmon is being exported and we, the serfs, are being fed Norwegian salmon.

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We on occasion shipped live frogs from Asia to the west coast. They were in reefer boxes with the temperature set so that the frogs were basically hibernating. They became active once the temperature rose.

I couldn’t help it. I had to google hibernating frogs:

This TV Program aired recently in my area. I wasn’t aware of it so you can take it for what it’s worth. It has to do with Norway Farm Raised Salmon being unsafe…

Norway Farm Raised Salmon