Foreign License

[QUOTE=PilotWolf;167612]OK, a little thread drift and maybe a silly question.

As I’ve mentioned before I have a UK license and I’m currently working as a deckhand as I am only a green card holder, but I can file for citizenship the 1st week of January 2016.

My current company is keen for me to start driving their boats, so the sooner I can get a USCG license the sooner I can start [company] training.

The current plan is to sit the 100 ton license and radar observer (company requirement), courses and exams at a maritime school given that the pass certificates are good for filing for 12 months, and I can take the exams before actually having the citizenship and turn the papers into the USCG as soon as I have the citizenship papers. If I want to test direct with the USCG I apparently can’t apply to test until after I get the citizenship so this route should save a couple of months.

Anyway the question is would applying for a seaman MMC now speed things up even more as I’d ‘be on the books’? I already have a TWIC card and certifiable sea service, etc.



It probably won’t speed anything up. Your application will still go through the same evaluation process, nothing is omitted by already having an MMC. The only benefit might be already having a medical certificate, but the medical evaluation is typically completed before the professional evaluation, so that’s not really going to turn your application around any faster.