Foreign help hired? - Is that really happening

Heard that some companies are hiring foreigners…

Cyan Cabarrubias liberty
Cyan Cabarrubias jobs were not filled at the hall company has the right in the contract to hire foreign laborers. People need to take these jobs or the company will continue to hire outside the union
Did it outside US get back they are escorted to airport

Is this really happening?


I’ve recently seen it with engine officers and unlicensed deck on US flagged vessels in foreign trade. I’ve personally sailed recently with a Filipino licensed 1AE and 2AE. I currently have a Filipino licensed 3AE on board. In the case of the 1AE, he was crew changed as soon as a USCG licensed 1AE wanted the job. The 2AE was signed off and repatriated immediately after the vessel returned to the US, I’m pretty sure the same will happen with the 3AE.


46 USC 8103 (a) and (b):
46 USC 8103 (a) and (b) pertain to documented vessels only.
Subsection (a) reads “Only a citizen of the United States may serve
as master, chief engineer, radio officer, or officer in charge of a deck
watch or engineering watch on a documented vessel.” This
subsection is straight forward; you must be a U.S. citizen to hold any
one of the above positions on a documented vessel; no exceptions.

From here:

Not very relevant any longer, but;
With exception for US-flag OSVs working outside US EEZ, where only the Master is required to be US citizen.

PS> At least that was the rule when I worked for a “Bayou Company” operating US-flag OSVs in S.E.Asia back in 1970.

Doesn’t apply to this thread.

From here Employment of Non-U.S. Credentialed Personnel Onboard
Certain U.S.-Documented Vessels

Do you know if the companies are receiving a waiver for this or are they doing it on the down low (i.e., illegally)?

It’s currently happening with Deck officers too. First US port the person has to get off. The foreign national can not go between US ports. It’s happening to all departments unlicensed and licensed

Where? I can’t be alone in wanting to know what companies are doing this.


Up to 25% of the unlicensed crew non-US is allowed.

Its happening in Canada. According to the article it is good for ship owners.

Did they get paid US wages? Asking for a friend.

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So what can be done about it.

I think this in the MSIB needs to be enforced.
The operation of a vessel on a foreign voyage with non-citizen
crewmembers until the vessel returns to a United States port is no longer permissible."

If COI manning waiver is provided, that would help the operator get by if unions and in house cannot fill these position. Short hand pay shared by the crew.
But allowing this from some pressure would make the International registry incorped in the USCG. Just what North East Maritime was trying to accomplish. Been there done that - China wins - WTO 2000 - a Clinton era decision.
Go Bl**k and you never come back. Go Philips and you never coming back - work dogs for $2.36 an hour. Wouldn’t be worth taxing. Which operator would not want that.

Provided they are green card holders: 46 U.S. Code § 8103 - Citizenship and Navy Reserve requirements | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

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What license are the non US required to hold - their home licenses? or Course requirements?

I spend like 5 grand to get mine - don’t even include the other costs.
And Non US are allowed to sideline the requirements for tax paying citizens.

This is turning on it’s head not to mention other aspects of daily living that have turned so WOKE.

Canada - don’t even mention it please. Like TC said, if you need a sign of what is to come, look North.

Time the OCMI fine these operators big time. They do it in the millions for safety violations with non us flag and stuff like ORB violations.

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They are.

Been happening in the OSV world for ever. When the vessel goes overseas as soon as it clears customs, US crew gets off. Master and C/E stay, locals come on board, unless its in the middle east where Philippinos get on.

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If the vessel is due to stay for a long while the flag is changed to Vanuatu.
Then the US Master leaves as well.
PS> Unless he likes to stay in the area, like some do in S.E.Asia. :laughing:

Yes… Because there is a specific carve out for OSVs that allows this. From previous posts, I was under the impression that @Louisd75 worked deep sea.

So, for clarity, can @Louisd75 and @Sailor51 verify what type of vessels they have personally witnessed foreign seamen, especially foreign officers, serving on US flagged vessels?

US flag deep sea ships.

Liberty Maritime, both their grain ships (AMO) and their car carriers (MEBA) have had to use Filipino officers under a USCG waiver within the last year.

I’m not saying it is all departments that will need foreigners every voyage. But there are instances when the company might need foreign ABs one trip or a foreign engineer the next. Usually the ship needs just one or a couple people.
Let me be clear I’ve never had to sail with a foreigner with a foreign license on board. But I know people who have. I personally have had green card holders but that’s different. Just ask around and you’ll start to hear more stories. I have heard from several first hand sources. I won’t list all the companies. It’s not Matson just pretty much everyone else - there’s a shortage of mariners no doubt about it!
I think the companies are smart for doing this- it gets people relieved when there are no American reliefs, it is safer, and the ship keeps moving. I’d rather sail with a foreign guy than sail short overseas.