Florida Maritime Schools?

Are there any reputable [B][I]maritime schools[/I][/B] in Florida [particularly South Florida] that have grad level programs in anything regarding the industry?


Don’t know anything about Florida, but SUNY Maritime has a Master’s Program in International Transportation Management, and I think Florida residents pay NY in-state tuition. Their website is: www.sunymaritime.edu.


SUNY has a program that can apparently be done substantially online. http://www.sunymaritime.edu/Admissions/Graduate/index.aspx. There are other programs as well, just check online or call. Floridians are eligible for instate tuition.

“Maritime College is now offering the Master of Science (M.S.) in International Transportation Management both in residence and online. Chris Mercurio, a current graduate student, speaks to the online program, frequently called distant learning, as a “fast-paced, in-depth study of the multiple issues that impact the international trade community. The program combines real world examples and academic studies to craft a complete understanding of how the entire transportation network functions. It is a solid core education for mid-to upper level management in the maritime industry and government relations.””

[B]Try http://www.qualitymaritime.info/ out of St. Petersburg. They have a lot of different stuff and Capt. Trowbridge good instructor ( and patient enough to put up with me ! : ) [/B]

Wow, thanks for the help guys. I’ve looked into SUNY before - and the online program. Do you think I will actually learn what I need to learn via the internet though? Is the online instruction up to par?

What all would that degree qualify me for? Upper level management like Terminal Operations Manager? Port Ops Manager? etc.?

The online classes at SUNY aren’t too bad - what you learn depends on how much work you put in to them - I wouldn’t say they’re difficult, but some of them are pretty quick paced (a new module every 3 days), and others are a bit longer (10 days), but overall, it’s not too bad.

Do you think the courses could be finished while working full time?

I did a semester online while working 5 days a week on a ferry - it was pretty busy, but doable. Also, the classes are only 7 weeks long - half a semester, so if you’re going to take 4 a semester, you probably want to make sure they’re only 2 at a time - and more than that, while working full time, and I’d say it might be a little much.

I have been taking 18 semester hours the past 2 years here at school whilst working 25 hours per week. Full schedule here is considered 15 semester hours. I somewhat know what busy is esp. when balancing school and work - it all depends on what job I got right after college I suppose.