Florida Marine Transporters vs Marquette

What are the pros and cons of each company? FMT seems pretty family oriented. I know Marquette is having some issues with bridge damage. Both have decent reviews on indeed and Glassdoor. I’m an ocean towing guy (1600 ton Master) and looking to go inland and get my western rivers. I can drive both z-drive and conventional. I have offers from both FMT and Marquette. With Marquette, I’ll be driving Z-drive, FMT only has conventional. Both are willing to take me on to train for the western rivers endorsement. Marquette is paying more but if FMT is a much better company in the long run I’d like to keep that in mind.

Who has better benefits? Who is less likely to lay you off when things get slow?

Benefits are both about the same. As far as laying off, I don’t know. I’m hoping people on here can give me insight into their experiences with both companies.