Flash animation (?) sought

I’m Jim Coonrod, and I’m teaching ship handling and maneuvering at Texas A&M in Galveston. I’ve seen a great animation demonstrating the use of Voith Schneider props, and I’m looking for something similar for a simple twin screw boat, like a tug or small ship. While most of my students seem to understand which prop to use in which direction, not all do.
I thought of using a helium filled blimp in the classroom, equipped with twin props, but that’s a clumsy and somewhat tedious method to get where I want to go.
Please respond with suggestions about how to demonstrate how to twin screw a vessel, to turn around in place. I’m sure most mariners of even minimal experience have learned how to do this, but my students, even though they’re gifted, they lack experience.
Thanks in advance to the vast and unpaid research department! Enjoy 2017!

I love the blimp idea and after the teaching session is over, all the students can huff the helium and talk like ducks

what fun and leaning too! you should apply for a job at KP…they need forward thinking people like you to teach all our “future” maritime leaders!


I don’t drive boats (for a living), but I was in a class with some tug captains and they were explaining that inward vs outward turning screws have a big difference in handling. Why is this?