First off…I don’t really watch the show Deadliest Catch, or any “fishing” show for that matter. I have always wanted and am currently seeking strictly merchant mariner positions…no offense to those guys in that job!

That being said, has anyone pursued and/or been employed as a merchant mariner aboard one of the larger catcher/processor, cargo, or motherships involved in the fishing industry as an OS/AB or really any straight up mariner position as opposed to a fisherman and definatley not a processor.

I certainly don’t want to come off as someone unwilling to take a job or look down upon anyone for their jobs, but I am just trying to frame my question in reference to specifically what I am seeking, which is straight merchant marine positions and am trying to branch out my job search. I would be an OS/Wiper but would appreciate insight into this industry from any perspective!

Here’s a 2 page thread for FYI gman…

[QUOTE=Jeffrox;55930]Here’s a 2 page thread for FYI gman…[/QUOTE]

hey Jeff whats O.B.E. ? It’s from that post.

[QUOTE=NAUTICART;55952]hey Jeff whats O.B.E. ? It’s from that post.[/QUOTE]

“Overcome By Events” = (Old News and No Longer Applicable)


Try Bob at Maritimerecruiters. He does all the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. He has jobs for OS/AB in Fishing and non-fishing jobs

email>>> cell 206-232-6041

Also try Coastal Transportation

Good Luck!